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Lotion Fix Unscented Body Lotion, 8 oz.

Lotion Fix Unscented Lotion

  • Great for chemically sensitive people
  • Add your own essential oils!
  • Wonderful and completely natural
  • Soaks in FAST!
  • Super concentrated!
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    Lotion Fix Unscented Body Lotion is unique because of its quality ingredients. Lotion Fix is made only from natural butters and waxes and oils. It is super concentrated, super moisturizing.

    This lotion is for normal to dry skin, but soaks in fast so if you tend toward oily skin with dry patches it will be great for you, too.

    In what way is Lotion Fix different? Well, most importantly we don't use fillers. Any lotion that is very white and creamy has fillers to make it look and feel that way. Fillers often dry out the skin and they also dilute the amount of active ingredient you pay for.  

    Lotion Fix is 100% active moisturizing ingredients.

    Directions: Just 3 pumps of this super concentrated, fast absorbing lotion will moisturize your entire body. Lather on morning and night and enjoy!

    Lotion Fix can also be used as a deep hair conditioner. Once a month apply 4 – 5 pumps to dry hair, let stay on on for 15-30 minutes then wash as per usual.

    Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, fractionated coconut oil, avocado oil, avocado butter, aloe vera juice, rosehip seed oil, organic grape alcohol, lemon essential oil.

    Product Reviews
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    Customer Reviews: 4
    Love Lotion Fix!
    Melissa M
    Austin, TX
    Review Date:

    • clean
    • effective
    • economical
    • none
    <p>My skin is dry all year. I use Lotion Fix every day right after my shower. I've tried innumerable body lotions--they all seem to leave a layer on top of the skin but the moisture doesn't last. This keeps my skin moisturized better than anything I have tried, and at much less cost and without all the chemicals I don't want! I often add a drop or two of essential oil such as geranium. It is a 'thinner' lotion, but once you get used to that, it's wonderful. I never want to be without it.</p>
    Lotion Fix Unscented Body Lotion, 8oz. (85105)
    Lurline Daniels
    Review Date:

    <p>I would like to comment about this exceptional product. I have had dry, sensitive skin all my life. In</p><p>my fifties I began to suffer from eczema and psoriasis. I have tried countless products and remedies and am happy to report the relief I have experienced from this product. I now use it as an all over</p><p>body cream and have never found a more emollient, safe product. This is also one of the "cleanest"</p><p>lotions I have found, free of the carcinogenic chemicals found in most lotions. I am hoping that</p><p>others will try products from the UP! Organics Company.</p>
    Look Ma, No fillers
    Charla Hathaway
    Review Date:

    This body lotion isn't fluffed up, it just sinks in, smooth and luscious. You'll never want to use the fake stuff again. And the cream for the face--at 1/4 the cost and 100% the richness of the fanciest brands. As a transplant to Texas I shrugged the Better in Texas, but Up! Organics makes me a proud Austinite. Moist and soft under the southern sun. Charla Hathaway
    I love this lotion!
    Central Texas
    Review Date:

    I tend to have dry, sensitive skin and am a bit chemically sensitive so have used "natural" and "organic" lotions my entire adult life. It is hard to find any that are completely "clean," meaning non-toxic and not loaded with artificial scents that give me a headache. UP! Organics' Unscented Body Lotion is SOOOO clean that my skin not only feels deeply moisturized, but CLEAN - not loaded down or clogged up with synthetics. It goes on smooth and moist; it soaks in quickly; and I can add whatever essential oil scent I want, IF I want one. That's freedom! I can't say enough about this lotion, how well it works, and how great it feels. It has quickly moved to the top of my gift-giving list!
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