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About Us

UP! Natural Products LLC (offering biome Super Cell™ and Luxury Peru)

     At UP! we believe that the time is now to begin to make educated, conscious and deliberate choices about skin care ingredients. Choosing healthy ingredients in skin care and food will ensure that our bodies and our immune systems--our "biome" remains strong and resilient. 

     We believe that now more than ever people all over the world are attracted to respecting nature, care-taking the planet and becoming more aligned with their own inner balance. Living in the Sacred Valley of Peru taught me deep respect for Pachamama, Mother Earth. Learning how to grow food and forage for wild herbs and medicines profoundly changed my life. Our Luxury Peru offerings go to support my native Quechua partner, Sixta Jordan, who lives in Peru with her son and husband and a sheep, Pancho, that we saved together! Thank you for supporting her livelihood and enjoying the highest quality of alpaca and silver Peru has to offer.

     The biome Super Cell™ line was developed out of the timely need to support our human microbiome as well as respect the Earth's natural biome. When we talk about biome we talking about the trillions of cells in and on our bodies that make us what we call humans. In reality, we are only about 10% human and the rest is bacteria and virus. Keeping our good bacteria healthy means eating and putting on our skin healthy nutrients. This product line, biome, feeds your skin the nourishment that it needs to protect you and boost your immune system.

     In times when synthetic chemicals and pollution are difficult to avoid, our immune systems need our help. Learning about individual ingredients and why they are included in a formula can dramatically alter the choices you make for yourself and your family. We encourage you to become familiar with which houses a website called Skin Deep where you can plug in your favorite products and/or ingredients and learn what they are, why they are used and what is their toxicity rating. They have a yearly safe sun block report as well.

     Skin is our #1 immune barrier and taking the best care of it possible is our #1 goal at UP! Natural Products. Choosing to avoid ingredients such as penetration enhancers, psuedo natural ingredients, chemicals and fragrances allows the myriad of botanicals to flourish and remain powerful and effective. 

     At UP!, we believe in education, transparency and challenging ourselves to become more aware, more sustainable. We believe that you want to make healthy choices for you, your children and home, so we offer products that we believe can honestly say, "Clean Products for Healthy Living"

    There are thousands of skin care companies out there. There are a few hundred that can be loosely considered “natural”. There are but a handful that are completely clean—free from fillers, synthetic chemicals, preservatives, additives and pseudo-natural ingredients. That’s us and we are certain it is the UPward trend in the industry. Thank you for taking the time to read this!




Amy and Sixta

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