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CLAIRE, Sacred Valley, Peru

I received only one session of PSYCH-K and was blown away by the quick results! I have experienced car sickness literally since I can remember. Amy met with me and went through some really important details that I never think about. She is professional and kind and open minded. I was skeptical, but I am blown away with how I feel in cars- I can read, look at screens, be positioned anywhere in the car. I actually can’t believe it. Thanks so much to Amy! 


ENGLISH TRANSLATION Please forgive any grammatical errors: We were allowed to do two Psych-K sessions with Amy in sacred valley (Peru). I am very amazed at the immediate and lasting effects of this "re-programming" of our unconscious. Starting with the professional, inhibited and purposeful demeanor of Amy, who was at the same time loving, caring, wise and empathetic, the appointments had a deeply healing effect, especially on my 13-year-old daughter Chaska. Chas doesn't open up to other people as quickly, but Amy managed to build trust and allow emotional tension to be discharged in a short period of time. My daughter cried and also talked a little about a traumatic experience she had had. Next came the active Psych-K, but only after Amy had explicitly asked for Chas' consent. Chas was generally not so open to alternative therapies, but I think she felt that the Psych-K with Amy was trustworthy and would really make a difference. The actual treatment is very exciting and you can directly experience how your own unconscious "program" manifests itself in the body. Amy asks questions and checks the resistance at various points, e.B. on the arm. If you are not really strong-willed inside, you can do what you want, the arm is easily pushed down by her. This is just one visible example of how Psych-K works. In the case of Chas, Amy focused on the issues of personal boundaries, self-confidence and self-esteem, which I found very good. It was about dealing with a trauma after attempted sexual abuse. Chas came out of the therapy session changed and I am very grateful that we got this "first aid" from Amy shortly after the incident. Chas still speaks positively of it. I also received a Psych-K session with Amy in advance, so I realized that this is a valuable and effective method. I had never heard of it before. We can use it to recognize and release blockages, enter into an honest dialogue with our innermost being and completely reprogram our future. Thank you for your wonderful constructive work, Amy, 5 stars from us! With love, Chaska & Alessita


Wir haben zwei Psych-K-Sitzungen mit Amy im Sacred Valley (Peru) machen dürfen. Ich bin sehr erstaunt über die unmittelbaren und dauerhaft anhaltenden Effekte dieser "Re-Programmierung" unseres Unbewussten. Begonnen mit dem professionellen, angehemen und zielgerichteten Auftreten von Amy, das zugleich liebevoll, fürsorglich, weise und empathisch war, hatten die Termine eine zutiefst heilsame Wirkung, besonders auf meine 13-jährige Tochter Chaska. Chas öffnet sich sonst nicht so rasch für andere Menschen, aber Amy schaffte es in kurzer Zeit, Vertrauen aufzubauen und die Entladung emotionaler Spannung zu ermöglichen. Meine Tochter weinte und sprach auch ein wenig über eine traumatische Erfahrung, die sie gemacht hatte. Als nächstes kam dann das aktive Psych-K, jedoch erst nachdem Amy ausdrücklich nach der Zustimmung von Chas gefragt hatte. Chas war generell nicht so offen für alternative Therapien, aber ich glaube sie hat gespürt, dass das Psych-K mit Amy vertrauenswürdig war und wirklich etwas bringen würde. Die eigentliche Behandlung ist sehr spannend und man kann unmittelbar miterleben, wie das eigene unbewusste "Programm" sich im Körper äußert. Amy stellt fragen und prüft an verschiedenen Stellen, z.B. am Arm, den Widerstand. Wenn man innerlich nicht wirklich willensfest ist, kann man machen was man will, der Arm wird locker von ihr heruntergedrückt. Das ist nur ein sichtbares Beispiel wie Psych-K funktioniert. Im Fall von Chas hat sich Amy auf die Themen persönliche Grenzen, Selbstvertrauen und Selbstwert konzentriert, was ich sehr gut fand. Es ging um die Aufarbeitung eines Traumas nach versuchtem sexuellen Missbrauch. Chas ging verändert aus der Therapiesitzung hervor und ich bin sehr dankbar, dass wir diese "Erste Hilfe" von Amy bekommen haben, kurz nach dem Vorfall. Chas spricht immernoch positiv davon. Auch ich erhielt eine Psych-K session mit Amy im Vorfeld, so habe ich erkannt, dass dies eine wertvolle und effektive Methode ist. Vorher hatte ich nie davon gehört. Wir können damit Blockaden erkennen und lösen, in einen ehrlichen Dialog mit unserem Innersten treten und unsere Zukunft völlig neu programmieren. Danke für deine wundervolle konstruktive Arbeit, Amy, 5 Sterne von uns! Mit Liebe, Chaska & Alessita 



The power of the mind and body is vast and perhaps largely unexplored. Like a giant library, it contains seemingly limitless information. But just like we need librarians to help us find the information, and we rely on teachers to curate and present that information, we need someone to do that with our minds and their subconscious beliefs. 
I had no idea what Psych-K was when I had my first session. I would describe it as a 3 stage process: set intentions, test the mind via the body, and finally a period of intense mindfulness. 
Overall, the session required some mental work from me, including honesty, reflection, and decisions. I feel that the mental work coupled with the guidance of Amy brought me to a new understanding of possibilities and a new mental framework from which to work towards those, and a set of exercises I can perform at any time to refocus my intentions. After the session, I felt clearer and more positive about myself and my current situation as well as the future decided to create. 
It is a relatively simple and effective process and I feel Amy did a great job guiding me through it.

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