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PSYCH-K Subconscious Belief Shift Session, 1 hour

  • Change an unwanted behavior in one session.
  • Discover how to get control of your life and your decisions.
  • Stop attracting negative people and situations.
  • Stop reacting in the same old way that no longer serves you.
  • Identify core beliefs that you no longer resonate with.
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    Have you tried and tried to change some pesky behavior you have had forever but just can't seem to break that bad?

    Do you remember hearing a "family" saying over and over such as, "We can't afford that." or "It's a means to an end." ? These are examples of core beliefs that our subconscious perceives as reality. Core beliefs are so real to us that we cannot discern them from true reality. True reality is that you have absolute power and choice over how you feel and how your life situation rolls out. True reality is the same for everyone. What is the same for everyone is that we have the choice of how to feel. When we are stuck in unhappiness and dysfunction we are not at choice.

    How many of you reading this believe you have a choice of how you feel? Raise your hand...

    The time has come for the final shift! We will, in one session, be able to identify and shift one major core belief that is keeping you from living your life to its fullest.

    Humans are just like computers. We have software and hardware, too. Between the ages of 0-7 most of our core beliefs--the software program we will use to interface with others, the world, ourselves--are loaded just like you load Microsoft Office or Adobe. These beliefs are so strong and so familiar we call this perception "reality".

    The real truth is that the way you act, the decisions you make down to the hairstyle you choose is actually chosen for you and determined by these core beliefs. Some of them may be fabulous. You may have high self esteem and believe you are valuable. Good on ya, mate! Many of us, though, continue to attract the very things and people we don't want. We replay the same channel over and over and even though our conscious mind is determined to change we simply are not able to. That is because your subconscious mind is in control. Your subconscious mind is running your life and until these dysfunctional beliefs are changed in the subconscious, you will not truly be able to know who you are and live what you want.

    There are several ways to shift your subconscious mind, however, I have found the one I offer to be the quickest, easiest and most effective. I don't know about you but I am READY to move on to the good stuff and leave that bad feelin' stuff behind! Join me. You will be so very happy you did!

    Product Reviews
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    Customer Reviews: 4
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    I received 2 sessions of Psych-K from Amy. She is very focused and has been very supportive, helping me to navigate trough some blind spots and self limiting believes which I had not been able to get through before. Her set of tools and methodologies paired with her professionalism and lucidity helped me to clearly identify my blocks for release

    In each session she brought humor, insight, respect and care for me, as well as an ingenious way of looking at any issue.

    Highly recommended!
    Discovering PSYCH-K
    Valley Girl
    Review Date:

    I had never heard of PSYCH-K before I met Amy, but once she explained how it worked, I was really interested. When we had our session, she asked me a lot of questions about my childhood to get to the root of my problem. After around half an hour, we came up with an affirmation to use, and the kinesiology part began. After our hour long session, I felt more confident my issue was resolved. Now, days later, I do indeed feel the depth and heaviness of my problem has diminished, and I don't think the issue will return as strongly as it did, ever again. Thank you, Amy, for your kindness, compassion and skill!
    Review Date:

    Amy is a pleasure to work with , she has a natural sense of connection to people and understands how to best get down to the core of what needs to be addressed. Our sessions have been very helpful to my life .
    Review Date:

    • Individualized
    • Authentic
    • Balancing
    I received only one session of PSYCH-K and was blown away by the quick results! I have experienced car sickness literally since I can remember. Amy met with me and went through some really important details that I never think about. She is professional and kind and open minded. I was skeptical, but I am blown away with how I feel in cars- I can read, look at screens, be positioned anywhere in the car. I actually can’t believe it. Thanks so much to Amy!
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