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Grief Recovery Method Series, 6 Weeks

Myths about grief:

  • 1. Grieve alone
  • 2. Be strong for others
  • 3. Replace the loss
  • 4. Don't feel bad
  • 5. Keep busy
  • 6. There are five stages to grief (there are no stages of grief)
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    The Grief Recovery Method is an effective, action oriented, six-week program conducted by a Specialist certified by the Grief Recovery Institute.

    • Myths about grief:
    • 1. Grieve alone
    • 2. Be strong for others
    • 3. Replace the loss
    • 4. Don't feel bad
    • 5. Keep busy
    • 6. There are five stages to grief (there are no stages of grief)

    If you feel sad, angry, lonely, depressed, or more, these are all common and normal reactions to grief. Whether your loss is from Death, Divorce, Loss of Career, Trust, Safety, Health, Faith or end of relationship, this 6 week, one-on-one program is here to help. Grief Recovery is NOT: therapy, counseling, the re-telling of your story over and over. Grief Recovery is about giving up hope of a better yesterday.

    If you are truly ready to move on in your life and stop the war in your mind sign up and commit today. Congratulations!

    Love, understanding, empathy, strength, guidance, recovery, completion.

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    Grief Recovery Method Series
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    Lori McNabb
    San Marcos TX
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    <p>I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Amy on my own grief recovery. She possesses such great insight into the human spirit. Her empathetic approach is encouraging and positive outlook is inspiring. My mind is always expanded and my life enriched when I have the opportunity to interact with Amy. She certainly has been blessed with a special gift!</p><p>The Grief Recovery Method has helped me to come to terms with issues in my life that were limiting my potential for peace and happiness. Highly recommend!</p>
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