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PSYCH-K: Take the blue pill!

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

I wanted to write about PSYCH-K, and since the next question will be, "What IS PSYCH-K?" I'll answer with the elevator pitch. PSYCH-K is a fast, painless and effective modality which uses applied kinesiology to identify, remove and replace unwanted subconscious beliefs that no longer serve your highest good and maybe be creating havoc in your life.

Between the ages of 2-10 roughly, our brain is largely in Theta frequency, which is the same as hypnosis. So after we're born, we lay there and become experts at the important stuff for a few years: eat, sleep, poop, pee, repeat. Then our brain changes frequency so that we may begin to live our lives more upright as well as download the program we were born into. "The program" meaning, the specific set of parameters that you will learn to call reality.

  • The people in your life, whoever they are.

  • The situation, whatever it is.

  • The school system

  • Your natural environment (city? rural? suburbia?)

  • And everything else in your orbit

This conglomeration of data where you landed is what you will begin to download and view as "reality". Whether right or wrong, good or bad, legal or not, this data input, this programming, will become responsible for 95 percent of all the decisions you make in your life. Yup. Not just as a child, but when you hit the ripe old age of ten, the program stops loading and begins to RUN. Egads. That right there explains why the human world is so messed up.

To bring it all into perspective let's run through some real life scenarios.

As a child you LOVED to go to the playground. You were a fearless climber, but your teacher was terrified of you falling. Each time you climbed too high for her she would say, "Amy, you're going to fall!" Eventually, you stopped climbing and lived with the fear of falling, heights, climbing ladders, etc. That is one example of a program that is being loaded at this tender age. On the other hand, the teacher could have been supportive by saying, "Amy, you are an incredible climber! Let me come spot you so you stay safe." That response would also be downloaded. Most likely resulting in a child with good safety boundaries and confidence that doing something they love is OK.

The subconscious mind is neutral. It gets programmed without discernment. It runs the program without discernment.

My mother always used to say, "What does that have to do with the price of tomatoes?" Anytime she said this, I heard, "What you just said to me is stupid, irrelevant and unimportant." I grew up with the subconscious programming that if my mother didn't approve of what I said then it was not valuable. Same for my dad. So I have gone my life trying to get approval from others. To feel valued others needed to approve of what I said, did or wrote.

Here's a possible PSYCH-K balance that could be used for this re-programming the need to get approval to feel valued. "I approve of myself." It's that simple. PSYCH-K is a permission based, non-invasive, easy and fast way to just upgrade your program. We upgrade our computers all the time. Debug, devirus, get better. Isn't it a good idea to give ourselves the gift of an upgrade. I mean, who really wants to believe they're unworthy, unlovable, fat, not valuable, stupid, ugly, worthless, unimportant? None of us. but billions of people walk around on the planet everyday feeling these types of feelings about themselves.

I had a client whose aunt took her to a doctor. I don't remember if it was a GP or a psychologist type. She was about 10-11. She was sent into the office alone (this was in South America) and the doctor sexually abused her. She never told anyone until 15 years later. This is common. After a string of abusive boyfriends, never being able to live without a boyfriend. Moving in with new boyfriend each time--never having her own space, her own safe place, she found PSYCH-K. We did some balances on self worth, trust, and boundaries. We largely cleared this experience resulting in her breaking up with her abusive boyfriend and getting her own place to live! Great!

PSYCH-K isn't a one-stop, fix-it-all. It simply helps identify, remove and upgrade unrealized subconscious programs that are dampening the light and beauty in one's life.

If you'd like to experience PSYCH-K and live in the surrounding Houston area please give me a call. Use FREEMIND discount code to receive 40% off your first session.

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