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Angel is a heavenly combination of citrus top notes and dusky base notes. The authentic, botanical scent will leave you feeling elevated, inspired and safe. 


At biome™ we make perfume the way it used to be made before neurotoxins became the norm. 


We use 100% pure essential oils of the flowers and plants with Certified Organic Grape Alcohol. 


The result is a non-toxic, sensory defying experience that will boost your immune system while fulfiling your need to smell celestial at all times.

biome™ Angel Parfum Pur, 1 oz.

SKU: 0057
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  • Base: Organic Grape Alcohol, Distilled H2O, Organic Jojoba Oil

    I use a Proprietary Blend of 100% pure essential oils. I do not wish to disclose my formulation in order to protect the intellectual property. I hope you understand! And I hope you enjoy this incredibly profound pure scent! 

  • Angel is made from 100% botanical ingredients.

    One or two sprays is enough to last many hours. 

    The product will smell different on every single human that wears it. 

    The botanicals meld with your natural chemistry to create your own custom scent! Marvelous.


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