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biome™ Shamana Parfum Pur is mysterious like Morocco circa 1920's. Think sensual, dusky brown, time traveling mauve's and purple. This scent is for a woman who knows who she is. (Or who is certain to find out soonest.)


A warrior of self who isn't afraid to look at the shadows. Who loves the shadows. Who embraces the earthiness of being human yet wears the crown of the New Royalty. 


Shamana embraces the Shaman within. Get ready!

biome™ Shamana Parfum Pur, 1 oz.

SKU: 0058
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  • Base: Organic Grape Alcohol, Distilled H2O, MCT Oil


    I use a Proprietary Blend of 100% pure essential oils. I do not wish to disclose my formulation in order to protect the intellectual property. I hope you understand! And I hope you enjoy this incredibly profound pure scent! 

  • Shamana will marry with your own chemistry creating a scent unique to you. You will never smell the same as someone else wearing this Parfum Pur. You are unique. Your perfume should be as well. 

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