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Peru is world famous for it's brilliant and luxurious 950 Sterling Silver. These rings are inset with natural stones (not precious stones). Each one sparkles with quality and beauty. The Chakana is called the Andean Cross it is the sacred shaman symbol for the four directions and the inner direction, too. The Coca leaves are chewed by the indigenous Andean people to help with the altitude. The Stacked Coca rings are beautiful especially on longer fingers. Be sure and check the size before purchase!

Peruvian 950 Sterling Silver Stamped Rings

SKU: 0016
Excluding Sales Tax
  • 950 Peruvian Sterling Silver with varied natural stone insets. 

  • NON REFUNDABLE. Please check the sizes and call us if you have any questions. Some of the rings are adjustable so they will be listed with an A after their size. They can adjust up or down about .5 of a size. We will be happy to send more pictures or video if you have any questions. Don't hesitate to call us!

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