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DAY RATE for Wellness Consulting

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Includes but not limited to:
  • Diet assessment.
  • Nutrition Consulting.
  • Menu planning.
  • Home detox.
  • Private chef services.
  • Corporate wellness coaching.

Amy is available for travel as a Private Chef and Wellness Coach. Or spend a day with her combing through your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and office cabinets to "clean UP!" any and all toxic areas. Amy will curate a wellness program just for you!

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    A full day of wellness. Nutritional cooking, personal training and core belief identification. Amy also offers corporate wellness consulting. How healthy is your company? Find out here!

    Amy has more than 25 years experience as a Nutritional Chef to the world's highest net worth families.

    Amy's specialty is helping you identify and shift core beliefs that keep you in the same old rut. No matter your age or station in life, shift happens! But only when your subconscious mind is reprogrammed to allow you to allow YOU!

    The results are guaranteed, the world is brighter and you move on to bigger, better and more fun stuff. The past is over with. Let's leave it in our dust.

    Ingredients: Love, empathy, acceptance, understanding.

    NEVER sympathy, feeling sorry for you or poor-me enhancement.

    YOU are the Captain of your ship! I can help train you on the options you have been overlooking due to the massive misinformation we are fed since childhood about the nature of reality and how we create our lives.

    Start today!

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