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Use this multi-sport performance skincare Face and Lip Balm whereever you have dry, cracked or burned skin. It's wonderful on needy cuticles, crows feet and before and after outdoors exposure. Super moisturizing, super healing and super nourishing. Plants + Beeswax and that's it!

CO!, The Original Face and Lip Tube, .30 Oz.

SKU: 481699
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  • *denotes organic

    *Apricot kernel oil, Yellow beeswax, *Shea butter, Wheatgerm oil, Vit. E., Carrot seed oil, Pomegranate oil

    Essential Oils: *Peppermint, *Lavender, *Geranium, *Ylang Ylang, *Lemon, Roman Chamomile

  • Just push up from the bottom to reveal the balm. Rub it in anywhere that needs moisturizing. Or scrape of some with your clean thumb nail and pack it into more intensive areas that need healing. 

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